We all are well aware that fades are in. no matter where you go whether you happen to switch on your TV or skim through a magazine you will see men with the ever trendy fade haircut.

The main reason for its popularity is the versatility that it offers. It is open to your creativity and imagination. There exists a fade for all kinds of face shapes, hairs and head.


1. Curly high fades

We’ll start our list off with a cool and tight hairstyle for black men. This curly high fade keeps the focus on the hair at the top of the head while quickly fading down the sides.



2. Slicked back high fade



Fade hairstyles are trending right now, which means it’s time to get your style in check. This slicked back hairstyle is perfect for the coming year!

3. David Bekham in high fade



Ah yes, the David Beckham hairstyle. This look has tight sides and a long top.

4. Military cut style

A military hairstyle, also known as a high and tight haircut, is something that anyone can sport. Don’t be afraid to keep it short, at least it’s easy to maintain!


5. Modern high fade cut



Comb over hairstyles with undercut high fades are probably the most popular looks like right now for men. Try out this style next time you go to see your barber!

6. High fade with polished finish



The nice thing about black men haircuts is that this type of hair is easy to style and maintain. This short and tight look pairs perfectly with a high fade look.

7. High fade for guys

This classic brushed up look is perfect with a high fade. You’ll need some holding gel to keep it in place, so keep that in mind.


8. High fade with pompadour



Ah yes, the pompadour. This look was originally worn by women in the Victorian era, but now it’s back in style for guys.

9. Simply Cool



Nothing fancy here, this is a simple cut that doesn’t take much work. That being said, it’s a great look for any time of the year.

10. Short and classy



Lead singer of Maroon 5 here. Adam Levine rocks this short and classy style like he was born with it.

11. Voguish high faded style




Who says you can’t have gray hairs? This high fade makes this light colored hair look fashionable as ever.

12. Buzz cut for black men

You know this look. This is the look that tells everyone you’re awesome and you know it.


13. Brushed up Style



You can mix and match this brushed up style with a comb over any way you like. There’s no law that says you can do one style.

14. High and Tight Haircut

This haircut is a little longer than you would expect for a high and tight cut, but the fade works well with it for sure.


15. High Fade with Pompadour


This haircut calls to mind the style of Justin Bieber. Even the earring here makes this guy look exactly like him.

Christina Diamond
Christina is a keen fashion blogger and writes many of the articles here at Mens Hairstyle Club. Not only that, she also has really great hair.
Christina Diamond
Christina Diamond
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