You are tired and had a long day and moreover not in the mood to dress up and step outside to attend the party you are invited to, but you decide to go anyway. There wasn’t a tad bit of a chance that you would get to see the crush of your life. No way! Not like this… You have got to be kidding. But what are the odds.

You do see her and before she sees you like that you rush to your friend’s dressing room and the first thing you could do to impress the girl is that you fix your hair. At your disposal are few styling products and that too of your friend’s taste. Need not worry. You are in for a treat if you read the following ten quick and simple hairstyles for men you can instantly pull off!


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Christina Diamond
Christina is a keen fashion blogger and writes many of the articles here at Mens Hairstyle Club. Not only that, she also has really great hair.
Christina Diamond
Christina Diamond
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