Wave Fade Hairstyle for black men

If you are a black man thinking of getting a hair straightening treatment, you should drop that idea this very second and delve into some really cool short hairstyles making waves in 2016. Gone are the days when long styles were considered the coolest.

What adds to these cool and alluring short haircut styles for black men is that black men have an amazing hair texture which is naturally smooth and curly. It lets you flawlessly adorn those looks that no one else can and you can wear them with ultimate perfection.

10. The Small Afro



A small afro doesn’t require as much maintenance as a larger one, but you still get the look. That’s a win-win if I ever saw one!

9. The rock and roll Afro hawk look



Ah yes, the Afro fauxhawk. This is a cool look that black men can sport without too much trouble. Since this type of hair is coarse and easy to style, you won’t need to maintain it much either.

8. Fade cut for curly hairs 

Usher is here sporting a nice afro fauxhawk (also known as a frohawk) that he combines with a low fade. It’s a classic style that many celebrities sport.


7. Geometric cut

There’s something amazing about nice, clean, geometric cuts. Notice the tight lines around the forehead and the temples. This is about as organized as a haircut can get.


6. Stylish wave fades



A razor part is huge right now. This particular cut uses it within the fade to create a wavy boundary that absolutely works with this style.

5. Curly top with side fades


This is similar to the Usher look, but it has a stronger temple fade. Here it’s being sported with a high fade. The way you can tell is by the hair, which fades away by the ear.

4. Short and curly



Will Smith in the house! This short and curly style barely shows the curls, but it also provides a clean and composed look!

3. Flat top hairstyle

Ah yes, the flat top. This style has been popular for some time. Combined with a low fade, this style works in 2016.


2. Really short buzz with slim side burns  



This is a great businessman haircut. It has a nice and short look with a tight style.

1.    The black Mohawk

Black men have a hair type that creates an entirely different style of mohawk. This is a fluffy, afro-like look that works wonders for those who are willing to sport it. What do you think of these black men shot haircuts? Share this list with your friends!


Christina Diamond
Christina is a keen fashion blogger and writes many of the articles here at Mens Hairstyle Club. Not only that, she also has really great hair.
Christina Diamond
Christina Diamond
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