Have you ever thought to yourself: You know, I want my hair to look like I just walked through a hurricane. Well, if you have, then you’re in luck. Today we’re discussing a haircut that gives the impression that you’ve been hit with a gust of powerful wind, hence the name: the blowout.

The blowout haircut relies on hair product or gel. It is most suited to those with a  round face shape. During the height of its popularity, it was commonly worn by college students or young men. Today we’ll look at some examples of the style and where it came from. Then, we’ll show you how to do it at home.

How to Do a Blowout Haircut

In a blowout hairstyle, the hair on the sides and back is skin faded to 1 cm in length within 2-inches of the hairline. The hair on top will be left at a length chosen by you, so you can style accordingly.


Styling Your Blowout

A quality hair dryer will be your best friend when styling this type of haircut. Start by drying your hair with a towel when you first step out of the shower. Start the blow dryer while you pull the hair up and back with a brush.

Variations of the Blowout Hairstyle

While Pauly-D started a revolution with his version of this haircut, there are other ways to sport it as well. The biggest characteristic is the temple fade that brings the hair length down quickly.

The other major indicator is the look provided by the use of the hair dryer and the gel. This creates a unique texture and style.




The Raised Up Blowout

Our first example shows a look that requires a look of hair gel to keep in place. You’re essentially raising every hair on your head and holding it up against the will of gravity to achieve this look.




Blowout Haircuts for Black Men

The blowout or temple fade style is something that is popular amongst black men as well. It is often combined with afro styles or high top fades to create a unique style.African American black men specifically used to adopt different styles of blowout haircuts combined with an afro style. Famous celebrities like Usher also adopted this fabulous haircut.



Time to Get Your Blowout Haircut!


Of course, like any style, the blowout haircut has plenty of room for variations or modifications as you see fit.

The effect can be large and demanding of attention like Pauly-D’s style, or it can be more subtle and combined with another type of style. The choice is entirely your own.

Christina Diamond
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Christina Diamond
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