Zac Effron Messy HairStyles
Zac Effron Messy HairStyles

We all want a trendy hairstyle with personality and style, and what better way to achieve this than by sporting a perfect celebrity-inspired hairstyle. We can help you reach your hair goals with these 10 Popular Zac Efron hairstyle choices in 2016.

Even if you don’t follow the Hollywood stars and gossip, you may still have heard about this American film and music star. He started his career as a young teenager and has now become a well-known household name within the movie industry.


1. Brushed Up


For this hairstyle your hair must be short to medium length. The sides and back are cut shorter while the center is kept longer. Before styling, apply a small amount of hair crème throughout the hair, and then brush up the center section of the hair.

2. Elegantly Parted

This is the most common formal prom hairstyle for men, but it looks great on Zac. Short length hair is side parted and slightly rolled back from the front fringe. For a neat look do the part deep and make it more prominent by using styling products.


3. Fascinating Faux Hawk


This is one of the best styled faux hawks, it is well suited and neatly styled on Zac Efron. One of the factors behind this is the short tapered sides that accentuate this style.

4. Classic Mullet


The Mullet was famous in the 1970’s but is seen rarely these days. In this Zac Efron hairstyle, the sides and front hair is cut short, while the back section of the hair is left longer. The front is then slicked back which results in a classic Mullet.

5. Flattering Messy


Messy hairstyles generally need medium length hair and in this case the hair is chopped to create textured hair. The front fringe is lifted in a spiky manner and the rest is styled in messy way. For this style, use dry to medium hold hair shine gel.

6. Modified Quiff

Quiff hairstyles might be the favorite for some. This style has gained increasingly popular in recent style trends. For this style, the hair is cut with medium length. The fringe on the front is styled in a quiff manner.


7. Trendy Spikes


Spikes have never gone out of fashion and are always popular among boys. This simple hairstyle from Zac Efron is styled with spiky and edgy texture. All that is needed for this simple and easy to maintain style is a short to medium length cut.

8. Formally Styled


Another formal trend that is quite charming and sexy is this formally styled look. Layered chopped hair is partially side parted in light way with the front fringe slightly slicked back. Be careful not to use too much product when styling, it will make the hair appear overly greasy.

9. Glamorous Side Fringe

This hairstyle requires a hair stylist with experience, otherwise it may result in an unwanted feminine hairstyle. Medium length hair is grown out to produce a mop top look,  which is then swept to one side to create a side fringe.


10. Cultured Crew


Ivy League hairstyles are best for student and military personnel and this crew cut is among them. The side and back hair are cut very short, with a slightly longer but still short cut on top. Styling this type of haircut is very simple.

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