If you are blessed with thick hair, you probably are used to receiving tons of applauds from people who admire your luxurious and lush mane. But still, you should not forget that choosing an ideal haircut for thick hair is not an easy task at all. All in all, while you keep on struggling with the endless untangling, the tiresome blow-drying, and frequent washing, the hunt of faultless hair never ends.

This post has good news for you. Hairstyles for men with thick hair discussed in this article are guaranteed not only to emphasize everything that is truly admirable about voluminous thick hair but to also to make your life easier.

Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are perfect for men with thick hair. This type of hair is characterized by a finer – textured fringe that is usually prone to appear stringy, yet fuller strands hold up.

Long Layers

You can add movement and lightness to the thick type of hair by opting for haircuts such as long layers ones. These haircuts are favored by chin-skimming layers that normally give a general style a flattering and flowy shape, which perfectly frames the face.

Choppy Bob

This hairstyle works best for men blessed with medium-length hair. Usually, the haircut is designed using the razor  cut-ends method. It is actually ideal for those who’d like to downplay their hair’s heaviness.

Half – Up Do

This style is perfect for men with hair to spare. It actually keeps their mane out of the face, but still emphasizes it lushness.


If you have thick hair, you definitely do not want a short haircut that may make you look too bulky. A closely-cropped under layer cut allows you to play with your hair length in the front without being disadvantaged by any of the usual heaviness

Ombre Highlights

Opting for lighter hair ends can help you balance your thick hair since they can make the tips appear less heavy. Also, highlights are characterized by a wavy texture that looks so pretty.

Tucked Behind the Ear

Opting for a slicked back center part allows you to initiate hairstyles that feel more formal. It can also help you keep your hair out of your face no matter how full it may be.

Big and Attractive

Although big thick hair is somewhat unmanageable, their people who love big hair and do not ever feel comfortable whenever they are not putting it on. Keeping long hair can help you avoid being weighed down at the roots.

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