Are you planning on growing your hair all year long or would you want to cut it? Why not have the best of both worlds and go for the best medium hairstyles in 2016? You may not know what they are though, so we’re here to enlighten you.

You need to check out the options by following the ones that would definitely show off your masculinity and make every girl turn their head to you.  The following hairstyles will do just that.


1- Slicked back Style

Comb it moving all your hair to the back and let your fingers run into your hair. Checkout Brad Pitt with his cool slicked back medium hairstyle.


2- Decent Casual

This is perfect to wear to achieve a more casual look. This is being done with a slightly messy look done by applying cream that will create a pliable touch as well a shining effect. Style it with your styling cream, then comb it and tuck it behind your ears.



3- Afro Rockstar

You can be like Lenny Kravitz and live like a rock star.  Shower using conditioner and moisturizing shampoo.


4- Deep Sidepart

Next, you need to create a deep and diagonal part on a side, and then comb it over. Then comb it again to add some more soft effects.


5- Faux Hawk Braids

With this hairstyle, curly and coarse hair is being highlighted by the faux hawk style customized by the braid on a specific side. Make use of the moisturizing shampoo and at the same time conditioner.


6- Salt & Pepper

Dry your hair. Then style your hair with a styling spray into a medium hold then make use of your comb to direct it into a diagonal position. Have a look at George Clooney’s medium Salt and pepper hairstyle.


7- Long Layered



Check this out to achieve longer layers as well as a textured haircut. Wring your hair with a towel, then after that, style it with styling cream to about the size of a golf ball.  Blow dry your hair in low temperature.

8- Curly Coif

This would be perfect for those who love curls. Let them grow out for a bit and you’ll find that they become a hairstyle of their own.


9- Justin’s Waving back

See how Justin Bieber look with a waving back hairstyle. It doesn’t require very much maintenance, but it still makes people think you spent a while on your hair in the morning, and sometimes that’s a look everyone wants.


10- Textured Bangs



If you love random texture, then you’d better check this out. People with thick hair will benefit from this look which shows of an angular fringe using a textured cut as the styling.

Christina Diamond
Christina is a keen fashion blogger and writes many of the articles here at Mens Hairstyle Club. Not only that, she also has really great hair.
Christina Diamond
Christina Diamond
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