The term “hipster” was not considered to be a good word in the 1940’s. At that time people who rebelled against the established culture were known as Hipsters. One thing about them that is worldly accepted is that they are art lovers, creatives and have revolutionized a new type of fashion.

Their hairstyles, known as hipster hairstyles, are exceptional and unique. Now these are widely adopted by the younger generation as the meaning of hipster has now changed. Today it means to be free in your thoughts, appearance and actions.


Dyed Hipster Style



Another way of achieving this look is to dye your hair with funky or bright colors. This will give you the same thing but it is not for men above 30.

Ponytail Hipster Style

Ponytail hairstyles always seem to be eye catching in men when styled properly. Combining it with a beard will make it perfect for achieving an ideal hipster appearance.


Pompalicious Pompadour

This hairstyle is the one that will give you a hipster look when styled like this but it could be molded to a formal one by making it lower with a side part or pompadour.


Slicking it Back



Slicked back hair can also be termed as that when joined with long length of hairs at the crown with the sides tapered. For an extreme appearance, grow your facial hair and then trim them in a unique way to get attention.

Light and Wavy

Dye your hair such that it gets a tinge lighter than your natural one to create a classic hipster. After, cut your hair into the latest fashion and then do the styling without using a comb.


Ultimate Spikes!

High spikes with medium length hair are a thing that only a hipster could do. Medium length hair with the sides trimmed very short is styled in high spikes using a strong holding hair gel.


Bringing the Quiff Back



Neatly and perfectly styled Quiffs can also give you a classic hipster look. Try this but it will need extreme neatness to be as arresting as shown in the picture.

Bringing the Mullet Back?

A Mullet is the something that you can’t see very often, so it would also classify as a hipster style. Medium length hair is chopped on the sides.  Long crown and front hair is necessary for this. If you want to go deep then style the front hair into a pompadour.


Shaved Sides, All Hipster

Hipster haircuts with shaved sides are very adoptive these days for much trendier mien. Shave your sides high and short for a contrasting look. Leave the hair in the front and center of your head long. For the long length hair, slick it back and then use hair product that suits you hair best.


Christina Diamond
Christina is a keen fashion blogger and writes many of the articles here at Mens Hairstyle Club. Not only that, she also has really great hair.
Christina Diamond
Christina Diamond
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