Tired of all the limitations of short hair and the hassles of long hair? Then go for the ultra-cool medium hairstyles out there. Medium length hair gives immense versatility and opens up room for creativity and styling.

Men these days are realizing that medium length hair allows them to try out a variety of hairstyles and not restrict them to just a few.


1. Chris Hemsworth neat casual

Most commonly known for his role as Thor, Chris Hemsworth is sporting an excellent style here that requires almost zero maintenance. A little product maybe, but that’s only if your hair likes to get frizzy on you.


2. Faux hawk for medium hair


While many faux hawks tend to be short, there’s nothing stopping you from using semi-long hair to achieve the same look. For this look, be sure to tell your barber you want the top long and the sides short.

3. Amazing Layered cut


You may not have considered a layered look before, but now you may want to rethink that approach. A layered hairstyle involves varying lengths between the hair near the front and the hair in the back.

4. messed up medium hairstyle

Don’t overthink this one guys, it’s just as the name describes. Throw some product in to keep it from going everywhere, but otherwise this is just a simple and messy look that only requires you to leave it alone.


5. Intriguing curls


Ever wondered what happens when you let your curly hair grow out? Well, the answer is directly above my friends.

6. Messy spiked up



Spiked up hair is always in style. Whether its a fohawk, or a brushed up pompadour, moving hair up and keeping it there is something that will always benefit your look.

7. Simple medium bangs


 This is another simple hairstyle that you shouldn’t overthink. Remember, just let the bangs do their thing.

8. Scott Eastwood Sophisticated Dapper


The word “dapper” gets thrown around a lot these days. This is a classy look that, as you can see, pairs well with a bowtie.

9. Classy blonde side part

Side parts are back in style, and longer hair gives them a more casual look than ever before.


10. Wavy Waved back



Ah yes, Bradley Cooper. Here he’s sporting a classic slicked back look.

Christina Diamond
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Christina Diamond
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