Mens Hairstyles 2016 - Cool Hairstyles for Men

Henry Cavill Receding Hairline

Dawn of Rough Justice, Balding Celebrities with Thinning Hair

For some men losing their hair, going bald and suffering from premature thinning hair is a sad fact of life and getting older. Balding celebrities have the same problem and hair issues also. Often we look at our Dads and sympathize with his thinning pate as we never expect our own...

MacGyver Mullet Hairstyle

Mullet Hairstyles and Haircuts of Yesterday

The mens mullet hairstyle was no exception. Even today this is a style of mens hair that can look exceedingly cool when paired with the right shaped face and physique. On the other hand the mullet hairstyle can also look totally ridiculous when a dude simply tries too hard to...

Natural Mens Hairstyles - Medium Length Men’s Hairstyle

Natural Hairstyles for Men That Inspire

These natural haircut ideas will have you running to the hair barbers. Amazing, sexy natural hair ideas for the modern man who exudes style and sophistication. Simply use the sliders to browse each of the natural mens hairstyle ideas.

Harry Styles New Haircut

Harry Styles New Haircut and New Direction

If you ever wondered how does Harry Styles do his hair then he used to sweep his long hair right back. Now people do not tend to hold back when talking about celebs like Harry Styles. Either to praise them of criticize them, a celebrity is often open season for...


How to Choose the Manliest Hairstyle and Beard Combination

Join us as we look as the ultimate guide for choosing your beard and hairstyle combinations. All of your questions will be answered, and our photos will give you the inspiration you need to make a decision on your hair and beard style combo. A slick hair cut and a...


The Bald With Beard Look: How to Achieve Ultimate Manliness

There’s nothing wrong with a bald look, but a man’s face needs hair. That’s just a simple fact of life. Not only will a beard provide the balance your face needs, but it will also take away from the lack of hair on your head. A powerful beard solidifies your...


Top Beard Oil Choices for 2016

Ultimately, though, the best way to keep your beard healthy is by using the best beard oil you can get your hands on. Today we’re looking at the ten best beard oil options in 2016 and how each of them can help you keep your beard happy and healthy. Let’s...


Top Stubble Trimmers Choices in 2016

Stubble needs to be kept in check or it will grow into something entirely different. These trimmers are designed for both comfort and accuracy. Ready to dive into this incredible world of burgeoning facial hair? Let’s do this! This guy knows how to shave and look after his stubble, the...


The Top Goatee Styles And How to Get Them

Entering the 1990’s, the term became used to refer to any facial hair on the chin, but not the cheeks. People continue to debate whether this alteration is a goatee, or a Van Dyke. We’re not here to argue that, though, we’re here to show off some of the latest...


How to Grow a Beard You’ll Be Proud Of

Men have had an ability, nay, a duty since the dawn of time. We may go where we please, love who we will, but above all else, we must grow our beards. As a doe-eyed child, did you once look up to the skies and shout “Tell me how to...